M. Christina Benson, M.D., D.L.F.A.P.A


Location & Contact

My office is near the corner of Fairfax and Drexel. There is free 2 hour parking on the north side of the street. There are also 2 parking spots at the back of my structure. As you approach the front entrance, the door on the right enters into the waiting room. On the left wall there is a light switch next to my name. Please switch the light on and I will come out to get you.

6214 Drexel Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90048

323-938-6463 (direct)
323-938-4012 (assistant)

mcbensonmd@gmail.com (direct)
mcbensonasst@gmail.com (assistant)

I prefer initial contact to be made by phone. Please keep in mind that emails do not have guaranteed protection of privacy as they come from unsecured lines. Telephone and fax lines are protected (HIPPA compliant).


For medical or psychiatric emergency needs, please go to your local emergency room.


I maintain a wide network of referrals to clinicians throughout the Southern California areas as well as nationally renowned experts in various fields of mental health through my ties with the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute/The New Center for Psychoanalysis and Southern California Psychiatric Society.

If you are searching for a mental health clinician to help you with a specific mental health need that is not directly addressed in my website, please feel free to call me at (323) 938-6463 or my assistant at 323-938-4012, and I will be happy to try and assist you with a good referral.