M. Christina Benson, M.D., D.L.F.A.P.A


Initial Visit Information

Whether or not this is your very first visit for mental health care, you are likely to be anxious about meeting a potential new therapist and about what to say about what is bothering you. I try to decrease some of this anxiety by providing the packet info (which includes personal forms, health questionnaire, and medical release form). Please do only those questionnaires that might apply to you.

My intent is to always to make a new patient comfortable in describing a bit about their life in general on the first visit and then telling me about what is motivating them to seek treatment. This is something they will know about, as it exists currently. I always like to hear about prior treatments and it is essential to include at least a brief look at the family of your childhood. Sometimes an evaluation will take 1, at times 2 or 3 sessions. The end result will be a collaboratively arrived at assessment of the problem is and the preferred approach for my treatment of it.


Download, print and fill out the questionnaires below that are relevant or have been suggested by a practitioner.

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ_9) For Depression
The Mood Disorder Questionnaire
Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory
ADHD Brown Assessment Scale- Patient Informant
Adult ADHD Scale
Borderline Questionnaire
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder